Subject: Math and Marine Biology

Kim Marshall (
Sat, 22 May 1999 22:00:36 GMT

I am doing a project for my math class.  For this project, we have to choose
>a career and do a project on it.  One topic included in our project is how
>math is included in our career.  What math applications are used in the field
>of marine biology?

Math is a big part of science.  You can not configure formulas and
reactions without understanding mathematics.  Marine Biology is a
scientific career that requires a lot of mathematical and scientific
knowledge.  For instance, when we study whales in the wild we need to know
things like the distance the whales are from an object which requires a
good understanding of measurement, or to figure out the size of a whale we
must use mathematical formulas because whales in the wild do not understand
to stay still while we measure them.  We must know different kinds and
units of measure both in standard units of measure and metric.  To analyze
the information we collect to answer questions about whale behavior etc. we
must count the number of times a behavior occurs and divide it to get an
average number.  Without a background in math you can not become a marine
Good luck with your project!  Kim

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