Subject: markings on whales

Kim Marshall (
Sat, 22 May 1999 22:00:40 GMT

why do whales always look dirty I always see them with these wierd ugly spots
>there like close to the mouth and nose they look so ugly with those dots.If
>you have an answer write back!

Beauty is seen differently by all and I happen to think whales are
beautiful looking animals but I do understand what you mean by those dirty,
wierd spots you see on their faces. Some whales like humpback whales have
large bumps that help them feel what is around them like a cat has
whiskers.  Right whales have thickened patches of skin that are arranged
differently on each whale which helps us tell them apart.  Sperm whales
have white around their mouths that might be there so fish underneath them
think they are seeing the surface of the water but are actually heading
toward the mouth of the whale.  In most cases these markings have a
purpose.  I would suggest that you do some research as to why other whales
have markings so you can teach others.  Thank you! Kim

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