Subject: Marine Biology Study Experience

Kim Marshall (
Sat, 22 May 1999 22:00:42 GMT

>We are trying to find a marine biology camp for our daughter who will be a
>senior in high school in the Fall. We have looked into two programs...."Sail
>Carribean", and "Action Quest". Are you familiar with either of these
>programs? If so please feel free to reccommend one of them. If you know of
>any other programs that focus on marine biology we would love to hear from
>you as soon as possible. >Also, do have a good university for
>undergraduate work in marine biology?
There are a number of good marine biology and related summer courses.  I
believe that both of the programs you have mentioned are good.  If you want
to look into another program try contacting Wood's Hole Oceanographic
Institution Sea School.   For whale and dolphin summer course I recommend
Mingan Island Cetacean Study (blue whales) in Quebec.  The contact
information can be found on Whalenet or the Dolphin Research Center in
Marathon, Florida.

 As for good universities for undergraduate work in marine biology try
contacting Duke University and Texas A&M university.  Also search
WhaleNet's careers section for information about schools etc. at .  Good luck!!
Thank you, Kim

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