Subject: sharks and cancer

Kim Marshall (
Sat, 22 May 1999 23:08:56 GMT

>my name is Shirin, and I am a high school student.  I am doing research on
>sharks and cancer, and I came across your post on
>you said that it is a fact tha sharks don't get cancer, and I was wondering
>how you know this (I am not criticizing you) because it is the focus of my
>project for biology, and there is a LOT of speculation about the issue.  I
>would appreciate it if you would write me backa response, but if you do not
>have the time, or do not wish to do so, I do understand.  However, I would
>REALLY appreciate any information that you had on the subject.
I do not know much about this subject but I have heard that whales have a
unique enzyme in their blood that is believed to be the reason why they do
not seem to grow cancer cells.  I apologize for not having more information
and I would apppreciate it if you would send me any information you find.
Good luck! Kim

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