Subject: Baiji Conservation

Kim Marshall (
Sat, 22 May 1999 23:09:11 GMT

>Hello, my name is Kathryn and I'm writing a paper on the Yangtze River
>Dolphin for my english class environmental paper.  If you could answer
>any/all of the following questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

>1.  To date, approximately how many baiji exist in the wild?  in captivity
>(ie, reserves)?  There are 150-200 baiji left.

>2.  How did the building of the Three Gorges dam affect the baiji?
Since the dam affects water levels it might affect where they go and used
to go as they need high water levels.

>3.  What conservation projects are currently in existance?  There are
>nature reserves near Tongling and Shi-shou in China.

>4.  Is there anywhere you can think of that I can find recent information on
>the baiji? Try searching WhaleNet's how to find section for additional
>information at  as my answers
>are basic.

>5.  My teacher is big on proving our information is accurate, not something
>some psycho on the web made up.  ;o)  So this sounds very rude, but I have to
>ask what your credentials are...  To find out about my background seach
>the Whale Conservation Institute's website or WhaleNet's archive pages.

Good luck! Kim

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