Subject: size of blue whale calves

Nancy Stevick (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:58:26 +0100

on 04 June 1999 00:53, Jeff Berman wrote:

>Dear Ms. Stevick:
>My daughter Sarah, who's in first grade here in Newton, Massachusetts, and
>were trying to find out how big are blue whale babies at birth.
>We've found some information online, but nothing about the babies.  Can you
>help us?
>Thanks very much.

Dear Jeff and Sarah,

Blue whale calves are six to seven meters long at birth.  They grow to about
sixteen meters before being weaned at seven months.  How many Sarahs or
Jeffs would it take to be as long as a new born blue whale?

Have fun figuring the answer to that question.

Nancy Stevick