Subject: Fw: Orca info

Nancy Stevick (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:16:38 +0100

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From: Nancy Stevick <>
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Date: 04 June 1999 10:15
Subject: Orca info

>On 03 June 1999 17:00, Mike P. wrote:
>>  For a bioligy I need to contact a bilogist in the B.C. Canada area. Can
>>you help me. I can't seem to find anyone. My Report is on Orcas and if you
>>know anything cool you could help me out
>Dear Mike,
>You can find lots of interesting information on orcas on-line.  The best
>place for you to start would be the web site of the British Columbia Killer
>Whale Adoption Program at  They have
>information on research being done on killer whales, photograhs of
>individually identified killer whales and killer whale sounds.  There is
>also an address and phone number for the organization.
>I also encourage you to check out the WhaleNet Index.  WhaleNet has many
>links to sources of information on killer whales.  Before you contact the
>Adoption Program, check out some of the on-line information and educate
>yourself on the biology of killer whales.  Organize some some good,
>questions to ask the orca biologist so you make the best use of his/her
>and your own.
>Good luck.  Orcas are fascinating animals, and I am sure you will enjoy
>Nancy Stevick