Subject: Fin Whale Migration

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Tue, 08 Jun 1999 09:05:39 -0700

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>Hi! I'm Michael. I need a migration map of a Fin Whale for a report. I was 
>wondering if you knew where to get one and where. Is there a certain web 
>address? Can you help me?

Fin whales do travel north-south for purposes of feeding (and perhaps
breeding/birthing, but I don't know much about this with regard to
fin whales).  I don't know of a migration map for fin whales on the
web.  I suggest that you review web sites and guide books for information
about fin whale distribution and sketch your own map to include in your
report.  For starters, Whalenet has a long bibliography specifically about
fin whales that you may wish to use:

It is likely that researcher(s) has (have) published diagrams of observed
travel and migration patterns of fin whales.  This type of
study (satellite tracking of whales) is more technologically and economically
feasable than just a few years ago.  But these diagrams would be found first
and foremost in refereed (scientific) publications. 

I found a number of sites on the web with 10 minutes of searching,
several of which discuss migration and distribution:

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