Subject: Re: Whale Watching

Phillip Colla (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 20:01:22 -0700

>We are going to the Bar Harbor, Maine area in early July 1999.  My wife
>loves whales and I was wondering what the chances of seeing some whales
>from an excursion boat would be?  (Very good, good, fair, poor).  I
>believe these boats go out 30 to 40 miles.  I have reviewed the data on
>the whalenet site for 1998 and 1999 and it doesn't appear that there are
>many summer days when whales are sighted.  However, I'm not sure if this
>site is widely used to post excursion boat sightings or if I
>misinterpreted the data. Do many of the excursion boats post their
>data?  I see a boat named the Atlantis out of Bar Harbor (I believe) has
>posted sightings for early July 1998.  How regular are Whales'
>migrations?    Do you have any recommendations as to time of day, boat,
>type of tides, etc. that might increase the odds of my wife seeing some
>whales.  Any information that you could provide would be appreciated.

I suggest that you contact the companies that offer whale watching cruises,
and ask them.  They will be able to offer the best information for you,
although they not entirely objective since they want your charter business!
But they are typically very forthcoming with their information, especially
what they saw just yesterday, and how far out they are going to see the

I did a quick search via Alta Vista (did you?) and found many sites with
info about whales and whale watching in the Bar Harbor / Acadia area:

There should be plenty of whales when you are there.
It is really up to the weather and the
captain's local knowledge to put you in the right area.  Often, whale
watch companies will "guarantee" a sighting by offering you a free trip
again if you don't see any whales on your first trip.  Have a great time.

Best regards,

Phillip Colla
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