Subject: Courses needed to become a whale/dolphin trainer

Nancy Stevick (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 20:13:46 +0100

On 29 June 1999, wrote:

>To whom this may concern:
>    Hello, I recently visited Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. I am going
>be a senior in high school this year, so I have been thinking a lot about
>what I want to major in in college.  Ever since I was a little girl I have
>had a love for whales and dolphins, and always wanted to be a trainer like
>the ones at Sea World.  I never knew, until recently, what you had to major
>in to become a trainer, so I kind of pushed that career idea aside. Then I
>decided I wanted to major in psychology, and just kind of forgot about the
>whole whale and dolphin trainer thing. Well, like I said before, just about
>week ago I went to Sea World, and decided to ask someone what it took to be
>trainer. Strange enough, they told me you could major in psychology. I was
>suprised, because that's what I had been thinking about doing. I was
>wondering if you could send me some information on courses I need to take
>college in order to become a trainer, any special information I need to
>and also if you know of any colleges in Texas that offer those courses.
>Thank you so much for your time, and I am hoping to here from you soon.

Dear TVCSchic,

The WhaleNet site has a section with many links regarding careers in marine
science.  You can access it under "careers" at  This
will give you some information on how to proceed with preparations for a
career in trainine marine mammals.  Many aquaria have web sites which might
also have information to assist you in your career preparation.  Use the
WhaleNet Index to  look for some of these sites.  Many are listed under
WhaleNet affiliates.

I am not sure if they teach classes specifically applicable to dolphin and
whale training, but Texas A & M has a top notch marine mammal science
program.  I would encourage you to obtain information from them.

I hope this information helps you.  Good luck in the pursuit of your dreams.

Nancy Stevick