Subject: Where can I find orcas?

Caroline DeLong (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:09:33 -1000

At 07:54 AM 8/16/99 -1000, you wrote:
>    Dear Caroline,   My two kids enjoy looking at orca whales. Since we are
>living  in the Netherlands there are no actual orcas living here.   I'm
>looking for a zoo or centre (preferable in Europe) where I  can take my
>kids to look at these beautiful whales. Are there places in Europe  where
>they still live in the wild?   Can you help?   Regards,   Mark van
>Laarhoven Leiderdorp Netherlands   

Dear Mark,

There is a web site that has a Worldwide Cetacean Facilities Database.  In
the site you can search for zoos and marine parks in any part of the world.
Here it is:

The Netherlands have the Dolfinarium Harderwijk.  There are also many more
marine parks in Europe.  I'm not sure exactly which species are housed in
the parks, but you can find out by going to the aquarium's web site. 

If you want to see orcas in the wild try contacting one of the marine parks
and ask a resident scientist.  They should know the best places to go to
whale watch. 

Good Luck!

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