Subject: (no subject)
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 22:07:47 EDT

Thanks for your excellent letter and questions.  The students will have to 
speculate as to what the animals are probably doing.  This will require some 
extra diligence and perseverence on their part, in the form of extra reading 
and research on cetacean behavior and marine mammal behavior in general.  
Feel free to have some of them write to me for my opinions on what may be 
going on...that's why we are here!  Just have them write detailed questions 
so that I can give them the most complete answer that will be the most 
helpful to them.

When the speed slows down they may be feeding and diving.  Or, they may be 
resting.  I don't think that births can be detected from the tagged data.
Again...excellent project and questions.  Keep me informed and let me know 
what that I can do to assist.

scott mercer
ask scientist