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I believe it would be possible for scientists to respond to questions.  For
the exact format you have in mind, please direct your inquiry to WhaleNet.

Please help us regarding the following request for educational assistance.

The University of Central Florida, in coordination with the National Medal
of Technology Program, is host for a virtual science fair that will expand
opportunities for students to participate nationally in real world science
projects.  The "Internet Science and Technology Fair"  (ISTF) will enable
teams of students and their teachers to explore Internet information
resources and collaborate via e-mail with scientists and engineers to
develop "Project Homepages".  Their projects focus on National Critical
Technologies (NCTS) vital to our nation's economy and security.  The NCT
areas are as follows: energy, environment, information and communication,
health, manufacturing, materials and transportation.  Technical advisors
from these areas are making an investment in recruiting future professionals
and keeping our nation a leader in NCT technologies.  Our goal in creating
the ISTF is to heighten students interest in pursuing technical careers and
increase their awareness of the impact science and technology has on their
lives, world and economy.  Please visit our website at: for additional

Here is an example of a student request for a technical advisor :

"Team 98318:

Our group is interested in computer aided design for one main reason. To
help solve the problem of housing when overpopulation becomes a crisis.
Overpopulation hasn't been fully examined yet by the US government.
Between the years 2040-2050 the world's population may reach 11.9 billion.
This presents a major problem in the United States' housing
industry[]. Computer
aided design (a.k.a. 'CAD') could play a vital factor in designing
super-buildings.  Basically, CAD is a system that allows the user to plan
and initiate their ideas onto the computer.  Using this fascinating
technology, an accurate and reasonable building can be designed and then
later constructed. Earth can sustain up to about 15 billion people. If the
rates between 2040-2050 are true, then we definitely have an imminent crisis
on our hands. Super-buildings are a great solution because they take up very
little room."

Would it be possible for someone from your organization to assist students
by responding to their e-mails and providing technical guidance for the next
two months?  They will ultimately create a Project Homepage that will be
judged from February through March.  Please seriously consider their request
as you may be looking at future scientists and engineers.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Bruce Furino
ISTF Program Director