Subject: Re: baby whale

Dagmar Fertl (
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 06:30:30 PDT

Hi Dagmar!!

I'm Franco. I'm argentinian and I sended a mail to you yesterday.
I asked you a question: How is the life of the baby whale? and you answer: 
What kind of baby whale do you mean? There are two types of whales - toothed 
whales and baleen whales.
So, I want to know the two types of whales (I you can). I hope you can!!!
Hi Franco,

I think you should look some more thru the WhaleNet website to learn more 
about toothed and baleen whales. There is information on the actual website, 
as well as links to other pages.  For example, the following website might 
help give you some basic information that you're looking for 
(  The MMS website (there is a link from 
the WhaleNet page associated with A.S.K.) has a whale/dolphin teacher's 
packet that you may wish to download (thru the Educational Resources page). 
Within the packet, there is a section talking about some of the differences 
between toothed and baleen whales.

There are people who spend their entire lives studying particular aspects of 
life history of a particular species. For me to answer your questions, I 
need you to be as specific as possible, and show me that you've done some 
work in trying to locate some of the answer to your question and are not 
asking big questions which take the length of a book to answer.  Feel free 
to write back if you have a particular species in mind, as well as a more 
specific question regarding 'the life' of the calf.  Good luck!


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