Subject: blue whale - where to report sightings

Dagmar Fertl (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 05:26:21 PDT

HI Dagmar- We are a commercial fishing family on the Oregon Coast- where do 
we report an unusual blue whale sighting? The fisherman in the family often 
records info that would be of interest to some researcher somewhere, but we 
don't know where to send it. Thanks

Hi Nancy,

I would suggest that you contact the Marine Science Center at Oregon State 
University. Dr. Bruce Mate is the head marine mammal person there. In fact, 
he's been involved with tagging blue whales with satellite transmitters to 
track their movements.  Dr. Mate also has a graduate student - Daniel 
Palacios - who I believe is studying blue whales in the Pacific.  The number 
for Dr. Mate is: 503-867-0202.
Thanks for asking this important question and being interested in sharing 
your sighting information!


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