Subject: Whale Watching in November - Maine and Humpbacks

Dagmar Fertl (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:11:27 PDT

I am interested in making a trip to Maine 11/13-16, and would like to
know if there would be any whales left that far North.  If so, what

I am interested in viewing HumpBack whales 11/13-16.  Where might they be in 
their migration south?

Thank you,

The best way to find out what whales might be in an area you want to visit 
is to contact whalewatching trips in the area. For example, check on the web 
to get a phone number for a whalewatching boat and ask them what you might 
expect to see.

I can tell you that you will probably be just a bit too late to see 
humpbacks. I think they typically are around until mid-October, and then 
start migrating down to the Caribbean for the winter to have their babies, 
but you might get lucky.  Certainly, there are whales that stick around 
year-round, and you might see some baleen whales like northern right whales 
(which are very endangered), fin and sei whales. Really the best thing to do 
is call someone in the area.  I live down in the Gulf of Mexico, so I know 
the animals down this way much better than up that way.

Dress really warm'll be nippy at that time of year.
Good luck!


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