Subject: Whale careers

Phil Clapham (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 07:26:53 -0400

Hi Laurie:

It doesn't sound stupid at all - it's a great idea!  But you do have to
ask yourself exactly what it is you want to do.  A lot of folks think
about doing "whale research" but don't always really appreciate that the
research is pretty rigorous science rather than going out and just
looking at whales.  Whale biologists are scientists, with scientific
training in biology, zoology or something similar.  Check out the
eductaional resources page on Whalenet at:

There are non-scientists (and some scientists also) who work as
naturalists (guides) on whalewatching boats, so if you don't want to go
the whole hog and become a scientist this is one option (though it won't
take you as far as a career in science can).  Getting one of these jobs
obviously requires some experience, a lot of background knowledge (read,
read!) and an ability to present.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Phil Clapham

Laurie wrote:
> I am a 19 year old female who has this love for whales. i know this
> sounds stupid but i have always wanted to go whale watching or somehing
> like this for a career. can you please tell me if there are jobs or
> internships for people who would like to explore this oppertunity.
> thank you
> Laurie


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