Subject: Dolphin family - its name

Dagmar Fertl (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 05:02:36 PDT

Hi, my name is Breanna. Could you please tell me what the scientific
name for the dolphin family

Thank you,
Hi Breanna,

By 'dolphin family', I bet you want to know the name of the family of 
oceanic dolphins, which includes the killer whale (orca) and bottlenose 
dolphin - that is the family Delphinidae.  There are three other families of 
dolphins, those are all river dolphins.  The river dolphins - Ganges and 
Indus River dolphins - that live in India are the family Platanistidae.  The 
Amazon river dolphin (boto) is in its own family - family Iniidae.  The last 
family of river dolphins is Pontoporiidae, which includes the baiji (Chinese 
river dolphin) and franciscana.

Thanks for your question, and hope this helps!


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