Subject: bullfrogs and wetlands

Dagmar Fertl (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 05:16:32 PDT

Dear Miss Fertl,
I am sorry to bother you. You are probably very busy. I have something to 
propose to you. Please answer if you can. My name is Sarah Kay. I am in 7th 
grade and I am doing a project on the wetlands. If this is not your feild 
just write me a note stating that. I have a few questions to ask you about 
the bullfrog. Please answer.
1) How do bullfrogs adapt to their environment??
2) What is the bullfrogs niche in the wetlands??
3) What type of animals do they interact with??
4) Are bullfrogs populations getting reduced by destruction of wetlands???
5) What is some history about the bullfrog?
Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate the time you took to answer.
Thank you for your time,
Sarah Kay
I'm sorry, Sarah, I'm not able to answer your questions. My expertise is 
marine mammals, and I wouldn't know where to point you for help. Have you 
considered contacting a herpetologist (someone who studies amphibians and 
reptiles)? I'm sure they will be able to help you.  Good luck!


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