Subject: Re: Right Whales

Phil Clapham (
Fri, 08 Oct 1999 08:26:12 -0400

Hi Neil:

yes, there is.  The black right whale is an old name for what we just
call the right whale these days.  There are two recognized species
(though there's a lot of argument about this), the northern and southern
right whale.  Other names are the Nordkaper and Biscayan right whale. 
The scientific name is Eubalaena glacialis (though some say Balaena
glacialis).  You can find information about right whales on Whalenet and
in any book on whales.

Phil Clapham

> Dear Phillip:
> I am a fifth grade student doing a project in science.  Is there such a
> thing as a Black Right Whale? And if there is, where do I find
> information about it?
> Thank You,
> Stephen C.


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