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Hi again:

Whoops, forgot your second question.  I'm not hooked into the marine vet
scene very well, but Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution used to run
what they called the AquaVet program, which was conducted in
collaboration with Penn State (I think - either that or U Pa).  Don't
know if it's still active, but try a Web search.

Your major goal here, in addition to academics, should obviously be to
get experience - it's the difference between getting ahead and not in
any field.  Try one of the major aquaria, or (better) the Marine Mammal
Center in Sausalito CA.  Their vet, Frances Gulland, is terrific, both
personally and professionally.  They have a Web page (doesn't everyone?)

If you're financially independent, buy me a Ferrari... whoops... I meant
to say attend the 13th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine
Mammals this year.  It's in Hawaii in late November.  The web page is:

This meeting is the largest in the marine mammal field, and is a huge
opportunity for making contacts, getting up to date on science, and
generally being stimulated.  Beg, borrow or steal to get there.


meredith canode wrote:
> Dear distinguished Whale gurus,
>           I am a senior year zoology student at Colorado State University
> who has spent many summers lifeguarding on Cape Cod. I miss the ocean more
> than I can bear and look forward to moving to a coast soon. I hail from the
> east and consider it my home and have developed an ongoing love of the ocean
> and of whales. I have been researching whale migration, and while I have
> found no problems in finding information on where whales migrate to; I have
> found little if no information as to how they manage such trips
> physiologically. I was curious as to what adaptations in their morphology
> would allow such extensive trips. Any information you could grant me would
> be greatly appreciated. I hope to go into a field of marine mammal
> veterinary medicine (yes, just a little bit specific). Are there any
> recommendations of top notch educational instituitions that offer such a
> program. I have heard of UC Davis and Santa Cruz. Any advice for my future
> career would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to say I admire and
> appreciate what you do; it is of great importance.
> Thankyou for everything
> Meredith Canode
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