Subject: Rays

Kim Marshall (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:17:34 -0400

Hello, I am not a ray specialist so I am going to refer you to the New
England Aquarium to find the answers you need for your report.  Their
newsletter and website address is  Let me know what
you find out!  Good luck, Kim

We are students from Parks Jr. High School.  We are doing a school
>project on rays that produce electricity.  We would appreciate it
>greatly if you would help us by answering the following questions ASAP.
>1.  How do torpedo rays generate electricity?
>2.  What allows them to produce electricity?
>3.  What other rays generate electricity?
>4.  What habitat do electric rays live in?
>5.  How do rays locate food/enemies and do they use an electrical sense
>like sharks?

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