Subject: Bubble netting

Kim Marshall (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:38:14 -0400

Dear Rose, Bubble netting is an interesting strategy for catching fish that
is employed by humpback whales.  In a group of 5-15 whales, one whale will
submerge and shriek an eerie sound while blowing bubbles in a circle
formation.  Individual whales and even larger groups employ this technique.
What happens is the fish become frightened and move close together.  The
bubbles act like a corral so the fish can't escape.  The whales move into
the bubble net and surface with their mouths wide open, taking in huge
gulps of fish-filled water.  For more information in this subject contact
the Alaska Whale Foundation.  I know they have a website.  This
organization studies the fundamentals of this type of feeding.   Thanks! Kim

>  Years ago I was watching an educational program on television, the subject
>was bubble netting, I've looked in encyclopedias to try to learn more but
>have thus far been unsuccessful. If you have any info it would be helpful,
>       Thanks Rose

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