Subject: Marine Careers

Kim Marshall (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 22:16:37 -0400

Question:   Dear Kim,       A little over a year ago I  dropped out of
school, I'm already regretting it, yes. . .But I think going back  is out
of the question.  I'm from New Bedford Massachusetts, my name is  Jason,
and I'm very interested in Marine Biology.  It would be *most*  appreciated
if you could give me your input on my current situation, and tell me  if
there's any institues or the liking nearby, that I could possibly enter
with  my GED.  Any assistance at all would be most appreciated.  

Dear Jason,
You are right - going back to school is very important especially if you
want to work in the field of marine biology. I went part time for years
before I got my biology degree but it was worth it!  An alternative that
will educate you in the meantime might be volunteering at a local marine
related organization.  I also suggest looking at WhaleNet's career guide
that lists several strategies for pursuing such a career.  Good luck! Kim

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