Subject: Breeding Humpback whales

Kim Marshall (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 22:18:19 -0400

Question:  Hi, I'd like to know do Humpback Whales breed in  Antartica or
near Alaska?

Hello, no humpbacks do not breed in these areas but they do feed in Alaska.
Humpback whales on the east coast of the US travel from southern areas like
the waters of the Domincan Republic where they give birth and mate before
returning to their feeding areas in the gulf of Maine and off the eastern
coast of Canada.  Humpback whales of the Pacific migrate from the warmer
waters of Mexico and Hawaii to the rich feeding area off Alaska. It is
believed that calves that come to certain feeding areas with their mothers
will return the the same area the next year even if their mother doesn't.
Thanks, Kim

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