Subject: Keiko

Kim Marshall (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:37:45 -0400

>Question:  The article =AEMDBO=AFCampaign Hopes to 'Free Willy'in
>mid-2000=AEMDNM=AF by Belinda Goldsmith which appeared on September 22, 199=
>in Reuters Entertainment caused me concern.  While searching the web for
>information on Keiko, I found your name.
>I would very much like to see Keiko set free. I applaud the work that has
>been done for Keiko.  I'm not convinced that he is ready. If the trainors
>had been able to teach him to catch live fish in the hopes of rekindling
>his long lost instinct for the wild, I wouldn't be so concerned.  He has
>lost his agreession and wild orcas might reject and even attack him.
>According to the article, Keiko is still being fed dead herring.  The
>attempts to feed him live fish have failed.  Hallur Hallsson of the Ocean
>Futures Society said "we want to gradually introduce him back into the
>wild but the best thing would be if Keiko just swam off".  He also
>believes that "once he is in the wild, Keiko's instincts will come back
>and he will hunt".  According to Gisli Vikingsson, a biologist at
>Iceland's Marine Research Institute, said "killer whales needed several
>years to learn survival skills within their own family group:
>I fear Keiko does not stand a very good chance of surviving in the wild
>without human intervention"  It was my understanding that Keiko would be
>looked after if he couldn't look after himself.  Is this no longer
>possible, and if not, why  not.  Keiko did not bring this problem upon
>himself, man's interference caused this problem.                .
>Children around the world will never forgive the people responsible for
>setting Keiko free if he does not survive.  Keiko has the attention of the
>world.  In Canada, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans denied
>Marineland's application to capture Beluga whales for display.  The
>Minister is going to review their policies on marine mammals. Keiko is
>helping marine mammals.

Reply:  Dear Kathy, please contact the International Fund for Animal
Welfare at 508.744.2076 or visit their website at to find out
more about what is happening with Keiko right now.  I believe they are
participating in studies with Keiko and if they are not they will be able
to direct you to who is.  Thank you for your concern! Kim

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