Subject: Adaptations in Whales

Kim Marshall (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:28:50 -0400

Question:  I am writing to you in request for some information. I am currently
>reasearch for a  yr.11 biology assesment task on the unity and diversity
>of living
>things. I have chosen a whale as the organism which i am to research from
>a marine
>environment.  What i am specifically asking you is could you suggest which
>type of
>whale i should do, as i have to describe adaptations of the mammal, and
>them into either, functional, structural or behavioral.  I am stuck,
>because in looking at all the information presented on
>this website, and in encarta, it has not helped me to narrow dwn my search.
Reply: Dear Kate,
I am going to suggest that you study adaptations of baleen or "toothless"
whales since they evolved after toothed whales.  Studying a specific
species would not be as helpful to you as studying the broader scientific
grouping.  I answered a question about adaptations of baleen whales the
other day on WhaleNet that you might find helpful.  Once you begin looking
for adaptations of a group you will find a lot of information throughout
WhaleNet.  Good luck! Kim

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