Subject: Whales out of Water

Kim Marshall (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 16:15:28 -0400

Reply:  Hello Kathy and the 4th graders in Rochester!  First, whales
including small whales like dolphins can not stay out of water for long
periods of time, they can breathe fine as they breathe air like you and I
but they weigh so much their internal organs get crushed by their weight.
They need the bouyancy of the water.  Second - whales have saved people.
It is believed that dolphins have helped people back to shore and that
pilot whales have lead boats to safety.  Search WhaleNet's pages for more
stories at  Thank you and good luck! Kim

Question: My name is Kathy Higbee and I work with 4 third
>graders in an ED class in Rochester, New York. They
>are studing whales and they had 2 questions that we
>couldn't find answers to. I am hoping that you can
>help us. The first question is- How long can a whale
>live out of the water? The second question is- Have
>whales really saved people's lives? Thank you, in
>advance, for your help!

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