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>thank you very much. if you could send these questions on and get them
>back to me a.s.a.p. i would appriciate it.
>1. What penguin would you consider to be the most endangered?

Because I do not work that much with penguins I consulted the World
Conservation Monitoring Center to see which ones THEY thought were the most
endangered.  Here is the list: Blakfooted, Erect Crested, Fiodland,
Galapagos, Humbolt, Peruvian, Snares Islands, and Yellow-eyed Penguins are
all listed as endangered.
>2. Does global warming have a great effect on penguins?

There are some scientists that think that is does.  One problem is that
some of the species that breed on ice, are having problems with ice melting
under them.  This means their eggs sit in water and will not incubate.  How
much of a problem this might be in the long run is something scientists do
not know yet.
>3. What are the factors that you have seen that are making the penguins
Not that I see this firsthand but there are a couple.  The main one would
be loss of habitat due to people developing coastal areas.  Remember not
all penguins are in areas where people are not found (as a matter of fact
look at the list).  Coastal developments can reduce the habitat available
for penguins.  Penguins can also be impacted by coastal problems
particularity oil spills.

>4. What are the actions we should tak to save the penguins?

Well here is the commercial.  You should learn more about penguins and
where they live.  You can help by supporting groups that are active in
penguin conservation.  That can range from zoos and aquariums that have
captive breeding programs, to organizations that are in the "field" trying
to study, or protect penguins or their habitats.

And for more information you can check the penguin page at

or the penguin links on our web page ...


>thank you so much
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