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Not stupid...but not easy either...

At 10:52 PM 11/06/99 -0330, you wrote:
>I hope these questions aren't to stupid! :=)
>   1) Tropical corals found in Northern Ontario are dissolved by the rain at
>a rate that would make them disappear in couple thousand years. How old

How about 445 million years or so...  I'm not making this one up.  As you
probably know the world was not quite the same place as it is now and
scientists think that around that time Ontario was in the tropics (complete
with coral reefs).  Check this site for more

>2) How did the frozen mammoths entered the ice while eating fresh
>vegetation? And why they never thaw for thousands of years?

Well, I do not know this one for sure, but I'll give you a guess.  Mammoths
were around during the last ice age.  While you might think hat during an
ice age there was nothing around but ice, that is not really true, there
were areas where there was vegetation to eat, and mammoths fed on this and
also moved around through the ice getting from place to place.  My guess is
the mammoth lunch or dinner, walked out onto part of the glacier and either
died or fell into a crack in the glacier.  If it was far enough up, in a
deep part of the glacier it would not thaw until the climate was in a much
warmer cycle (like now).  

Check this site for a picture of the last ice age in the US (about
15-20,000 years ago) and some information on glaciers.

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