Subject: extinct dolphins

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Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:04:38 -0800

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>I give presentations on endangered animals in the Houston, Texas area.  I 
>student at a school that I was at yesterday asked me a question that I 
>can not find the answer.  I thought you might know.
>The student wanted to know if there were any extinct dolphins?  I have 
>lists of some extinct animals, but no dolphins are on my lists.  Has 
>there been any documented dolphins become extinct?  In Zoobooks, it 
>stated that two freshwater dolphins - susu of Indian and the baiji of 
>China are close to extinction.  Is that still true for today?  If so, 
>about how many are left of these two species?
>I certainly do appreciate your time.
>Thank you,
>Mary Vogas
>Environmental Educator

Dear Mary,

There has not yet been a species of dolphin that has gone extinct.
However, there are approximately 150 baiji that were counted in the
Yangtzee river in 1993.  As of 1979, the count of susu in the Sukkur-Guddu
region was 240.  Those numbers have surely decreased in the past years.
The vaquita is another species of dolphin that is the most likely to go
extinct in the near future.  These animals are found in the northern Gulf
of California and their numbers were estimated at 503 in 1993.  Experts now
believe fewer than 300 exist.

Hope this information helps.