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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 05:02:28 PST
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Subject: Re: Information regarding a WhaleNet A.S.K. question

Hi, Calli!

You caught me on my last day in the office until 14 December. I'm getting 
ready to leave for a big marine mammal conference in Hawaii. I'm glad that 
my answer on WhaleNet helped you with a report for your marine biology 
class! Thanks for letting me know that.

I work for the Minerals Management Service (in New Orleans, LA), which is 
part of the U.S. Department of Interior. I work environmental impact 
statements regarding the effects of oil/gas development/production on marine 
mammals, sea turtles, and birds in the Gulf of Mexico.  So, I guess you 
could say, that is currently my field of study - human impacts on marine 
mammals. My training is in the latter, as well as general behavioral 
ecology, particularly, feeding ecology of dolphins.  I went to high school 
in Houston, TX; I have a Bachelor's of Science from Trinity University (San 
Antonio, TX)in Biology (I was pre-vet); and a Master's degree from Texas A&M 
University in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.  For more information on 
things I am currently involved in, you might want to check out and look in the Gulf of Mexico section for marine mammals 
or GulfCet (which is a project that the agency I work for funded on Gulf of 
Mexico cetaceans (whales and dolphins).  Besides a desk job, I still manage 
to get in the field to study the Gulf's whales and dolphins, for 3 wks every 
spring/summer.  The website will give you some more information on that. I 
also helped design a poster on the Gulf's whales and dolphins, and wrote a 
teacher's packet that goes with that poster. In fact, you might want to tell 
your teacher about it (it's FREE). I am also working on various articles for 
a marine mammal encyclopedia that will be published in a few years, as well 
as some articles for various scientific journals. In fact, a friend, who 
works in New Zealand, and I just sent off a paper about a killer whale that 
had stranded in New Zealand, was put back in the water, is still being seen, 
but unfortunately got hit by a boat that tore the dorsal fin almost in half. 
  With the Internet, it makes it even easier to work with researchers in 
other parts of the world. It sometimes even happens that you haven't even 
met the other person before, and I are writing a paper together!

Good Luck!
Ms. Dagmar Fertl

>From: "Joel Baldwin" <>
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>Subject: Information regarding a WhaleNet A.S.K. question
>Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 18:23:10 -0000
>Dear Mr. or Ms. Fertl,
>My name is Calli Baldwin and I'm 12 years old and in the 7th grade in
>Maryland.  I am doing a report on Ichthyology and Marine Biology for my
>English class, and I am using information from the question you answered on
>the WhaleNet A.S.K. page on 10/4/99 entitled "Sharks and Nature's Balance".
>In order for me to use this information in my report, I need to have the
>following information about you:
>1. What is your field of study?
>2. Where have you gone to school and what degrees do you have?
>3. What projects/research are you currently working on and where?
>If you could answer these questions for me I would greatly appreciated it!
>Thanks again in advance for your time and assistance with this information.
>Calli Baldwin

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