Subject: Question that may save Marine Life

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Dear Emily,

Thanks for your question about manatees and fishing nets.  I spoke with Ann
Spellman at the Florida Marine Research Institute.  Ann is an expert on
manatees and entanglement, and here is what she had to say:

Fishing nets are not as serious a problem as monofilament or crabpots for
manatees, but
they are a potential threat. There is historic evidence of manatees
drowning in commercial shrimp nets, but I have not quantified the data yet.
For some reason, manatees seem to get out of cast nets relatively
easily. Only 4 out of the 92 rescues tabulated so far are the result of
fishing nets, primarily cast nets. The 1995 net ban in Florida has decreased
chances of net entanglements for manatees in Florida inshore waters. I
won't say that the threat isn't there, but it is one of the smaller reasons
for entanglement.

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Subject: Question that may save Marine Life

> Hi my name is Emily, and at some points, viewed as an avid animal rights
> activist.
> I have a question to ask:
> Is there any possible way fishing nets can be improved so that other
> life, such as mannatees and dolphins, not get caught in them?
> Please e-mail me back.
> I hope to do a scince project and become successful with any idea
> Thanks!
> -Emily