WhaleNet Online Forum Help Page

Welcome to our help page for the WhaleNet Online Forums.

If you would like to post to one of our forums, all you have to do is to send email to...

whalenet@whale.wheelock.edu (for the whalenet forum)
wncurriculum@whale.wheelock.edu (for the whalenet curriculum forum)
mabt@whale.wheelock.edu (for the mabt forum)
namma@whale.wheelock.edu (for the namma forum)


You can simply click on the Post a message to this archive on the index pages and your web browser's email package should come up automatically. (Please note that you cannot click on the above "post"since we are simply using it as an example.)

If you are responding to a posted forum message then in the SUBJECT line of your message, simply type the subject line exactly as you saw it on the posting with the prefix Re: attached to the front. Be sure though to leave a space in between the prefix and the subject line.

For example:

Re: Tales of Whales

If you have any other questions please send them to Whalemaster