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Listening to Wild Dolphins

Learning Their Secrets for Living with Joy

by Bobbie Sandoz

"Bobbie Sandoz has truly tuned in to the magic of dolphins and delivers
a joyful program for human healing."

- John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


For the past several years best-seller lists have been filled with books

offering guidance from gurus, guides, angels, and God. Yet in our world
of concrete reality we have to ask why there is so much interest in
in to these conversations with wise beings from other worlds and whether
and how dolphins might fit into the mix.

Interestingly, we probe outer space in hopes of encountering spiritual
beings and a higher intelligence, mixed with dread that we might

Thus anytime we find clues that spiritual guides with an intelligence
greater than our own exists, we go quickly into denial and hide the
evidence. Because of this combination of fascination and fear, we have
to ask what we would do if we actually encountered such a species right
here in our midst no farther away than a few feet beneath the sea. Would
we ignore and deny all possibility of their abilities, or would we tune
and learn more about them?

The answer lies in the story the dolphins have come to tell us in
Listening to Wild Dolphins. For although dolphins live in our midst on
this physical plane, they have often been thought to be magical beings
with a link to a spiritual world of higher intelligence. Yet in spite of
this view, whenever we study dolphins, these qualities are overlooked in
favor of observing their physical characteristics, migrational patterns,
eating habits, and mating behaviors.

But now in Listening to Wild Dolphins, we have a new chance to tune in
to what else they might have to tell us about the source of their magic
and secrets for living with such harmony and joy in our shared world. If
we will listen, rather than retreat into denial as we usually do, they
will also show us how we too can act as our higher selves, manifest the
world of our dreams, and live with the kind of joy they express in their
playful dances across our horizon. If they succeed in winning our
friendship and trust, they may also inspire us to stop killing their
species, polluting their ocean home, and threatening them with
activities such as our sonar experiments and other programs.

Dolphins and their larger whale cousins are not often mentioned in early
Hawaiian lore. Yet people today are sighting increasing numbers of them
along the Hawaiian and other shores throughout the world, and many are
enjoying dolphin and whale-initiated encounters with these beguiling
beings. Why is it that dolphins are befriending humanity at this
particular time and what is it about their visits that leaves us with
impression we have been in the presence of very high beings?

The dolphins and whales had initiated this more recent friendship with
humanity thirty years ago, with encounters increasing in number and
intensity over the past ten years. In fact it was ten years ago that the
dolphins first befriended me and established a strong connection between
us. As our relationship progressed, I realized they had a story to tell
that I as a teacher and author was uniquely qualified to convey to a
human audience in their behalf. But in order to tell it, I would have to
get beyond the limits of scientific protocol for observing and reporting
only what can be perceived and measured by the five senses.

According to progressive scientists such as biophysicist Dr. Candace
Pert and other leading and award-winning colleagues, this traditionally
mechanistic approach to science not only prevents the study of
non-material things, it blocks all recognition and exploration of some
of the more elevated and interesting "non-things" such as emotion, mind,
soul, spirit, intuition, and telepathy - all qualities involved in the
study of such expanded beings as the dolphins and whales. As a result of
this historically narrow bias in science, the most important areas to
understand if we are to live our lives with meaning have gone
unexplored in our culture.

Yet even with this barrier to exploring our invisible world, whenever
some new book opens up a fresh channel for expanding our awareness of
these higher pursuits, it invariably makes the best-seller list. Thus in
spite of the scientific community's disinterest in conversations with
these higher beings, millions of people want to tune in and listen. Yet
in order to pursue these subjects in greater depth, we must stop
worrying about the ridicule of traditional science and get more
comfortable with a broader base of exploration and study. While claiming
this, it's important to remember that our most esteemed scientists who
have made the greatest
contributions to our knowledge are those who have broken from the narrow
limits of mechanistic science to make their discoveries.

In view of this argument for studying dolphins from a broader
perspective, it seemed my particular background was a good match for
telling their larger story. I was schooled in the social sciences with a
year of cross-cultural study abroad and two graduate degrees in
education and social work. My studies included coursework in the
scientific method,
followed by an appointment as a research assistant on a University of
California at Berkeley research project conducted at the University of
Hawai'i. Yet although I was no stranger to research protocol, my
subsequent career track released me from the limits of mechanistic

Consequently, I was not bound by my profession as a private practitioner
to use their rules and was free to explore other alternatives to
effective living and healing which allowed me to better serve my

In addition to my career as a counselor, I raised two children, authored
a book on parenting, enjoy an active schedule of professional speaking,
and am a columnist for my local newspaper. I have also studied
and the ideas of quantum physicists, which I incorporated into my
counseling practice and life. In addition, it helps that I am a strong
swimmer with a background as a surfer, lifeguard, and swim instructor,
and I have regular access to one of the most beautiful bays in the world
frequented by dolphins. But the thing that most qualifies me for hearing
what the dolphins have to share are the skills I have developed as a
sensitive listener during my thirty years of tuning in to the hearts of
my clients.

I have since been blessed by over two thousand hours in the water and
more than five hundred hours on boats enjoying dolphin and whale
encounters in Hawai'i, Australia, Tonga, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bimini
Island, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, and Florida. I have also
attended three national and international cetacean conferences in
Hawai'i and Australia.

By paying close attention to the dolphins and whales, keeping a daily
journal of my observations and insights, and then comparing these to the

observations of others as well as the available research, I have come
away with some fascinating insights and lessons. Now in Listening to
Wild Dolphins, I offer the dolphins a platform for being heard at a
level and sharing their wisdom with humanity about how we can live as
higher selves in a world of our dreams. And so I invite you to enjoy
their story as you sit back and listen to the wild dolphins.

With aloha, Bobbie Sandoz

>From the Back Cover

"Bobbie Sandoz sheds spiritual 1ight on the world beneath the sea.
Humanity has so much to learn from the dolphins. Hopefully we will one
day be as sensitive to them as they are so obvious!y sensitive to us."

- Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

If you could listen to dolphins, what would you hear? Might their
message be intelligent, spiritual, or wise? And what could you learn
from these mesmerizing beings? For the last ten years Bobbie Sandoz was
blessed by the friendship of a pod of wild dolphins who provided the
answers to these questions and much more. When Bobbie first became
acquainted with the dolphins, she was amazed by their conscious and
sentient nature. She
later became aware of how they communicate and demonstrate qualities
associated with the "higher self."

Next the dolphins revealed a series of insights that humans can use for
realizing their dreams. As Bobbie tested these tools, she discovered the

depth of the dolphinst wisdom and the authenticity of their joy.

Bobbie Sandoz, MSW, is a therapist, award-winning columnist, and veteran
professional speaker. Her first book, Parachutes for Parents, has been
reviewed by Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Times,
Dallas Morning News, McCalls, and Woman's Day and is acclaimed by
parents and professionals. Listening to Wild Dolphin's is based on a
ten-year friendship with dolphins and whales throughout the world.

"Bobbie Sandoz's wise and insightful book provides valuable lessons
concerning living in an abundance of love and joy, and best of all,
these lessons are wrapped in awe-inspiring stories about interacting
with wild dolphins. From a wealth of experience and a heart brimming
with love for her dolphin friends, Ms. Sandoz genty nudges us toward
honoring, and acting from our own intuition, goodness, and grace . . .
just as the dolphins do."

- Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Courage to Be Yourself

"The insights revealed in this delightful andfascinating book
shouldgreaty enhance human appreciation of the wonders of dolphin life.

- Robbins Barstow and Donald Sineti, co-founders, Cetacean Society

"Bobbie has captured the extraordinary yet scientifically unexplained
relationship we have with dolphins. It is truly inspiring and a joy to

- Kamala Hope-Campbell, founder/president,
International Cetacean Education Research Centre

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