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Fishermen in central Japan are set to begin hunting dolphins, an
annual event which comes around every autumn. This year, however, the
activity might trigger controversy after the recent international
outcry over Japan's whaling programme.

The dolphin hunting season officially got under way on Sunday in the
small port town of Taiji - the traditional home of Japanese whaling -
some 450km southwest of Tokyo. Poor weather has prevented fishermen
from going out to sea so far, but they plan to catch a total of
nearly 2 400 dolphins and smaller species of whales during the
season, which runs until the end of April, a local official said.

Both whaling and dolphin hunting are traditions that date back
hundreds of years in Japanese society. But unlike Japan's whaling
programme, which Tokyo says is for scientific research purposes,
dolphins are hunted purely to provide meat for consumption, a
Fisheries Agency official said.

The hunt was being carried out in accordance with International
Whaling Commission (IWC) rules, according to the Fisheries Agency
official, adding that strict quotas were set each year. In addition
to Taiji, dolphin hunting is allowed at several other ports and a
total of nearly 17 000 dolphins are caught every season.


If you feel strongly enough about this, please copy this entire mail,
paste it into a new mail (to keep the formatting neat), add your
name, city, country and email address and send it to anyone that you
think will feel the same. Every time I receive 100 names I will
forward them to various organisations such as Greenpeace in order to
help them in their fight against this sort of atrocity. Thanks for
your concern!


1) Timothy King - Cape Town - South Africa -
2) Sharon Moore - Cape Town - South Africa
3) Douglas Gillett - Cape Town - South Africa
4) Dennis Mayes - Cape Town - South Africa
5) Heidi Dittrich - SA Cape Town
6) Emma Taladia - SA Cape Town
7) Nanette Rowland- Cape Town - South Africa
8) Hayley Fortune - Cape Town, South Africa
9) Sage Fortune - Cape Town, South Africa
10) Zaahied Cassim- Cape Town, South Africa
11) Jason Witkowsky - South Africa, Cape Town
12) Shireen Hewitt - South Africa, Cape Town
13) Jason Wright - South Africa, Cape Town
14) Anni MacLeod - Cape Town South Africa
15) Cheryl Van Eeden - Cape Town South Africa
16) Amber MacLeod - Cape Town South Africa
17) Paddy van Rooyen - Cape Town South Africa
18) Sandi De Bruyn - Cape Town South Africa
19) Doreen Hall - Cape Town, South Africa
20) Charlie Teuteberg - Cape Town, South Africa
21) Andrew Marsland - Cape Town, South Africa
22) Viv Gutsche - Cape Town, South Africa
23) Yvonne Gutsche - Pretoria, South Africa
24) Andre Pieterse - Pretoria, South Africa
25) Helga de Vasconcelos Sarria - Johannesburg, South Africa
26) Nina Pittindrigh - Pretoria, South Africa
27) Rick Natt - Johannesburg, South Africa
28) Ilze Pieterse - Johannesburg, South Africa
29) Lesley Thomas - Johannesburg, South Africa
30) Johann Grundlingh - Pretoria, South Africa
31) Frits Haas- Pretoria, South Africa
32) Colin Beyers - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
31) Darko Vucetic - Johannesburg, South Africa
32) Michelle Fouch» - Durban, South Africa
33) Andre Potgieter - Johannesburg, South Africa
34) Nicole Contente - London, UK
35)Natasha Azevedo-Johannesburg,South Africa
36) Kim Muir - Cape Town, South Africa
37) Claudia Jaeger - Windhoek, Namibia
38) Anneli R˝diger, Windhoek, Namibia
39) Louise Ellison, Windhoek, Namibia
40) Louise Leach, Windhoek, Namibia
41) Pieter Burger, Windhoek, Namibia
42) J Van Lill, Windhoek
43) Riette Eysele, Windhoek, Namibia
44) Herman Zapke, Windhoek, Namibia
45) Rene Reinders,Windhoek, Namibia
46) Russell Bester, Windhoek, Namibia
47) Herman Reinders, Windhoek, Namibia
48) Herman Reinders(JNR),Windhoek, Namibia
49) Janien Zaayman, Windhoek, Namibia
50) Antoinette Kriel, Windhoek, Namibia
51) Lynn Booysen, Windhoek, Namibia
52) Teagn Brophy, Windhoek, Namibia
53) Lars Wurm, Swakopmund, Namibia
54) Jean Liechti, Windhoek, Namibia
55) Caryn Rennie, Cape Town, South Africa
56) Silvia Mota - De Sousa, Cape Town, South Africa
57) Olga Goncalves, Cape Town South Africa
58) Anneline Silva, Cape Town, South Africa
59) Janet Bourhill, Cape Town, South Africa
60) John Bourhill, Johannesburg, RSA
61) Doug Flint, Johannesburg, South Africa
62) Dianne van Vuuren, Jhb, South Africa
63) Gail Botha, Jhb, South Africa
64) Lisa Mullen, Jhb, South Africa
65) Steven Palmer, Dbn, South Africa
66) Sarah Paine, Dbn, South Africa
67) Tanya Lombard, Jhb, South Africa
68) Lynn Bloom, Dbn, South Africa
69) Jonathon Bloom, Dbn, South Africa
70) Garon Bloom, Dbn, South Africa
71) Ryan Bloom, Dbn, South Africa
72) Karin Lombard, Jhb, South Africa
73) Karl Fiebiger, Jhb, South Africa
74) Kelley Palmer, Melbourne, Australia
75) Mariana Ferreira, Jhb, South Africa
76) Denese Palm, Jhb, South Africa
77) Karen Blyth, Jhb, South Africa
78) John Heckler, Jhb, South Africa
79) Chris Reid, Jhb, South Africa
80) John Lind, Sydney, Australia
81) Carolinda Witt, Sydney, Australia
82) Lani Carmody, Chiang Mai, Thailand
83) Ian Collins, Auckland, New Zealand
84) Rae Gill, Queensland, Australia
85) Graham Clarke, Sydney, Australia

If you find that your name is at number 100, please forward the
entire petition to the following address: stoptheslaughter@hotmail.com

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