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The NMFS Office of Protected Resources has published the 2nd/3rd Quarter
2000 special combined edition of the MMPA Bulletin. The articles in this
issue include:

NMFS Is Now: NOAA Fisheries
Secretary of Commerce on Japanese Whaling
Report on Human-Induced Mortality in Small Cetaceans
Update on the Bahamas Stranding Event
Multi-Agency Proposal on MMPA Reauthorization
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission Annual Meeting
Finding Process for Lifting Tuna Embargoes
NOAA Fisheries Revises the Stock Assessment Reports
Update on Conservation for Cook Inlet Belugas
Update on Marine Mammal Viewing Issues
International Marine Debris Conference
The Office of Protected Resources Web Site Has Moved
Upcoming TRT Meetings
The Effects of Manmade Noise on Marine Mammals
NOAA Fisheries Large Whale Disentanglement Program
Visiting Faculty at the Office of Protected Resources
Intermediary Nation Embargoes Lifted
Frequently Asked Questions on the List of Fisheries
NOAA Fisheries Hears from Stakeholders: Stranding Response
Steller Sea Lion Critical Habitat and Trawling in AK
Export and Comity Agreements for Live Marine Mammals
>From the Editors

The MMPA Bulletin can be found in PDF format on the Office of Protected
Resources web site at:
To obtain a hard copy of the MMPA Bulletin or to be added to the mailing
list, please contact Nicole Le Boeuf at nicole.leboeuf@noaa.gov. You can
also call 301-713-2322, ext. 156 or write to NOAA/NMFS/F/PR2, Attn. MMPA
Bulletin, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

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