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Center for Oceanic Research and Education Internship Opportunity

 The Center for Oceanic Research and Education (CORE), based in Essex, MA,
is an organization dedicated to the study and conservation of cetaceans.
Cetaceans are whales, dolphins and porpoises. CORE=B9s mission is to
promote stewardship and conservation of cetaceans and their marine
environment. In collaboration with other research organizations, CORE=B9s
research focuses on the fascinating social interactions among whales.
Through whale watch education programs, school presentations and public
outreach activities, CORE hopes to educate as many people as possible
about the lives of endangered whales and their fragile marine environment.

CORE collects most of its research data aboard commercial whale watching
vessels operating out of Gloucester & Nantucket, MA, and Rye, NH.
Interns are aboard each trip as research assistants, and are primarily
responsible for data collection. The types of data recorded on each trip
include physical information =AD such as climate conditions, sea state,
weather trends, water depth, temperature, location, number and species of
each cetacean, as well as behavioral information and photographs of focus

Other duties aboard the boats include answering passenger questions,
assisting with fund raising efforts, helping crew on deck with lines and
keeping the boat clean. In general, the interns will help assure the
whale watch trips run smoothly.

Additionally, interns assist with data entry and general office work.
They are also taught all aspects of analysis including data analysis and
individual identification of whales through photo analysis.

Applications for the summer session must be received by March 31st.
Interviews for the summer session will be conducted through mid-April.
Applications for the fall session must be received by July 31st.
Interviews for the fall session will be conducted through mid-August. The
internships sessions are not rigidly set, and interns are encouraged to
apply any time throughout the year - CORE now offers intern postions
year-round. We are happy to accommodate students at "odd" times, provided
that a two month commitment to the internship is made.

CORE accepts only college-aged students (or older) and requires a minimum
commitment of two months. Though we do not charge a fee for participating
in the intern program, interns are responsible for providing their own
room, board and transportation. Scheduling is generally flexible enough
to provide time for interns to have a part-time job, if necessary. If you
are interested in participating in CORE=B9s intern program, please visit ou=
website, to obtain an application.
Applications can be found in the INTERN PROGRAM section of the website, at
the bottom of the internship description page. Please send your completed
application, resume and a letter of intent to:

245 Western Avenue, Box 8,
Essex, MA 01929

to the attention of Lisa Foerster.

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