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Subject: Observer Opportunity - east coast US (fwd)

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Dear MarMam Subscribers,

This may be of interest (reply only to the telephone number below

Coastwise Consulting is looking for sharp-minded, responsible individuals,
preferably with a sense of humor, to work on dredge-ships, monitoring
impacts to endangered species, especially whales and sea turtles. These
vessels are sea-going ships, not barges. Turtle activity is at a minimum
right now but whale sightings are coming in from dredges up and down the
coast. Work can be had at several ports between Wilmington, NC and West
Palm Beach, FL. February and March are the months when help is needed most
so please pass this on to anyone you know and trust who has a background in
sea turtles or marine mammals and might be interested in working offshore.

Many Thanks,

Chris Slay

Call our research station in Fernandina Beach, FL through March:

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