4th Quarter 2000 MMPA Bulletin available (fwd)

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The NMFS Office of Protected Resources has published the 4th Quarter
2000 edition of the MMPA Bulletin. The articles in this issue include:

Scientific Review Groups Meet
NOAA Fisheries Certifies Japan
NOAA Fisheries Publishes the Proposed 2001 List of Fisheries
President Clinton Signs Stranding Bills Into Law
U.S. Navy Requests LFA Permit
Gear Modifications to the ALWTRP
Update on Beluga Whale Conservation
NOAA Fisheries To Publish Public Display Regulations
Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Teams Update
Marine Protected Areas Executive Order
NOAA Fisheries Hears from Stakeholders: Large Whale Fund
NOAA Fisheries Embargoes ETP Nations
Frequently Asked Questions about SURTASS LFA
NOAA Fisheries Develops Marine Aquaculture Guidelines
Report on Aquaculture Available
>From the Editors

The MMPA Bulletin can be found in PDF format on the Office of Protected
Resources web site at:

To obtain a hard copy of the MMPA Bulletin or to be added to the mailing

list, please contact Nicole Le Boeuf at nicole.leboeuf@noaa.gov. You can

also call 301-713-2322, ext. 156 or write to NOAA/NMFS/F/PR2, Attn. MMPA

Bulletin, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

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