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    Kathleen M. Stafford, Sharon L. Nieukirk and Christopher G. Fox.
    Geographic variation in blue whale calls in the North Pacific. Journal of
    Cetacean Research and Management 3(1):65-76. 2001.

    The call characteristics and distribution of blue whales in the North
    Pacific were examined by use of acoustic surveys. Two distinct
    vocalization types have been previously attributed to blue whales from
    limited regions in the North Pacific (cf Thompson and Friedl, 1982;
    Rivers, 1997). Hydrophone data from sixteen sites in the North Pacific
    were examined for these blue whale vocalizations. There were distinct
    geographic and seasonal differences between the occurrences of the two
    vocalization types. The hydrophones that were more westerly recorded the
    "northwestern" Pacific vocalization, those in the eastern Pacific recorded
    the "northeastern" Pacific vocalization and those in the central Pacific
    recorded both types. Northeastern vocalizations were recorded from
    July-December in the northeast Pacific and February-May in the eastern
    tropical Pacific. Northwestern vocalizations were recorded most often from
    July-December, and were essentially absent from March-May in the
    northwestern Pacific. These results suggest that the different
    vocalization types may represent at least two distinct groups of blue
    whales in the North Pacific.

    For a paper reprint contact:

    Chris Fox
    2115 SE OSU Drive
    Newport OR 97365

    or email <kate.stafford@noaa.gov> for a PDF copy.

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