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    From: Toshihide Hamazaki <toshihide_hamazaki@fishgame.state.ak.us>
    Subject: New publication about whaling issue

    Hamazaki, T. & Tanno, D. (2001). Approval of whaling and whaling-related
    beliefs: Public opinion in whaling and non-whaling countries. Human
    Dimension of Wildlife, 6,

    We examined a widely-held argument that the disagreement over resumption of
    commercial whaling between whaling countries (approve) and non-whaling
    countries (disapprove) is due to dissimilar views of whales and whaling
    (i.e. whether whales are consumptive resources). By analyzing public survey
    data about whaling in whaling countries (Japan, Norway) and in non-whaling
    countries (Australia, UK, Germany, US), we found that the public’s approval
    of whaling was positively correlated with approval of the consumption of
    whale meat; however, it was not correlated with knowledge about populations
    of whales, in either the whaling nor non-whaling counties. We also found
    that the public in the non-whaling countries disapproved of whaling and
    strongly disapproved of the consumption of whale meat, whereas the public in
    the whaling countries approved of whaling and slightly disapproved of the
    consumption of whale meat. Our findings confirm the so-called “cultural
    gulf” between whaling and non-whaling countries.

    Toshihide Hamazaki / Hamachan

    Alaska Department of Fish & Game
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    Anchorage Alaska 99518
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