Whale-krill relationship (feed, food)

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Subject: Recent publication: whale-krill relationship

Here is a new publication on whale-krill relationship in the Antarctic.

Murase, H., Matsuoka, K. Ichii, T. and Nishiwaki, S. 2001. Relationship between
the distribution of euphausiids and baleen whales in the Antarctic (35E - 145W).
Polar Biol. 25:135-145.

Simultaneous whale sighting and hydroacoustic surveys were conducted from a
research vessel in the Antarctic to examine the relationship between the
distribution of euphausiids and baleen whales. High densities of minke whales
and large aggregations of euphausiids were observed along the ice edge over the
continental slope in the southeast region of area IV and in the southwest region
of area V. The results suggest that the continental slope zone that coincides
with the ice edge would be an important minke whale feeding area. Minke whales
were rarely sighted in the offshore region even if euphausiids were abundant.
Distributions of humpback whales were correlated with high euphausiid density
zones, regardless of the bottom topographic features. Several groups of blue
whales were sighted in the small area along the ice edge where euphausiids were
abundant, but sightings were too few to draw any general conclusion about the
relationship between blue whales and euphausiids. Both baleen whales and
euphausiids were scarce in the area east of 170 $B!k (BW where sea ice covered the
continental shelf and slope zone.

The article in pdf format (file size: 726KB) is available from first author

Hiroto Murase
Observation Survey Section
The Institute of Cetacean Research
4-5 Toyomi-cho Chuo-ku Tokyo
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