Abstract: manatees, bioacoustics and boats (fwd)

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Subject: Abstract: manatees, bioacoustics and boats (fwd)

Title: Manatees, Bioacoustics and Boats.
Author: Edmund R. Gerstein
Volume 90, No. 2 March-April 2002
Page numbers are not on the web. The Volume has not been mailed to
subscribers yet. The web version is 23 pages long and has 10 clickable
pictures/figures to expand them for easier reading and further information.

URL: http://americanscientist.org/articles/02articles/Gerstein.html

Dear MARMAMers

   I wish to call the attention of the list to an article that just appeared
in American Scientist. It should be of interest to those concerned about
water-craft related injuries to manatees and deaths from propellers and hull
collisions. Some of the same information is applicable to ship collisions
with other marine mammals.


The West Indian manatee, an aquatic mammal that has survived in warm
nearshore waters for about 50 million years, is now an endangered species
particularly prone to collisions with boats. In Florida, boaters are
required to slow down or idle in areas seasonally frequented by manatees. But
collisions continue, and the first bioacoustic studies done with manatees
show that this strategy is often ineffective and may occasionally be
counterproductive given the low-frequency hearing abilities of the manatees,
their acoustic environment and the turbidity of shallow waters along
Florida's coasts. Gerstein describes results of acoustical studies and the
development of a possible manatee warning device.

Some reprints will be available.

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