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     September 4, 2002


    Hello everyone,

    As you may know, Keiko has been swimming free in the North Atlantic for
    more than a month now... during this time he traversed the ocean between
    Iceland and Norway, finally arriving near the coastal community of
    Kristiansund on August 28th. The next day photos were taken of him that
    showed Keiko to be in perfect condition, proving beyond doubt that he is
    able to feed and fend for himself. This was GREAT news! Two days later
    Keiko moved on, heading north along the coast of Norway. He soon
    encountered a small boat with a family on board that was out for a day's
    fishing - after making contact with the children and accepting fish from
    them, Keiko followed the boat into a small fjord called Skaalvikfjord
    and the port town of Halsa. His presence caused a great stir because he
    was quickly recognised as the famous star of the film Free Willy. People
    flocked to the shore to see him, boats crowded around, kids jumped into
    the water, media arrived.Only the overnight arrival of Keiko project
    staff, who had been tracking Keiko via his satellite & radio tags,
    prevented the situation from becoming a circus.

    They quickly sought & gained the cooperation of much of the
    community.Nevertheless, when the story got out, some very scary &
    serious developments took place.Most alarming was the call by one
    apparently respected whale researcher to kill Keiko “for his own good”.
    Judging by the reaction within and outside Norway, this sentiment is not
    likely to determine the outcome of Keiko’s foray into Norway. However,
    Norway is a country determined to continue killing whales in the face of
    world opinion, and because of that Keiko may well be in great danger.

    What is needed NOW is an appeal from people around the world to the
    government of Norway to act quickly to protect Keiko.

    This, then, is an appeal to YOU to help Keiko, NOW.

    PLEASE, before you do anything else today, go to and locate a Norwegian
    embassy or consulate in your country. Phone or fax your appeal to Norway
    to protect Keiko.Remember that phoning or faxing gets more attention
    than an email, so please take the time.

    You can also send a message directly to the government of Norway. The
    Ministry of Environment has a message board at The Ministry of
    Fisheries can be reached via email or phone +47 22
    24 90 90 or fax +47 22 24 95 85.


    As ever, we send out best wishes to you all,

    Paul & Helena
    ps:For background stories, check out

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