Passive acoustics (fwd)

From: Mike Williamson (
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 21:15:48 EDT

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    Subject: Passive acoustics

       Thought the following information on the operational aspect of NOAA
    Fisheries' passive acoustic buoy deployment to 'listen' for right whales
    would be of interest.

    Pat Gerrior

    Passive Acoustics Update

    NOAA Fisheries is working with Cornell University researchers to deploy
    additional passive acoustic buoys, also called pop-ups, to track right
    whales at several key areas off the east coast this year.

    Southeast US

    Three-buoy arrays are planned to be deployed off both Charleston, SC and
    Savannah, GA as early as November for approximately four months to
    cover the calving season movements. A line of buoys is also anticipated
    to be deployed from the shore out to approximately 30 nm off of
    Wilmington, NC to better understand seasonal migration times in and out
    of the southeast right whale calving area which extends from South
    Carolina to Florida. Data from these pop up buoys will be retrieved
    approximately every two months; the buoys are expected to be deployed
    for about four months.

    Northeast US/Mid-Atlantic

    In addition to the acoustic buoys deployed this past winter/spring 2003
    in Cape Cod Bay and the Great South Channel, NOAA Fisheries anticipates
    deploying 10 buoys along the Northern Edge of Georges Bank in late
    summer for a short period. It is expected these buoys will be
    re-positioned in the fall off several mid - Atlantic ports from Long
    Island south and then possibly, over wintered back on the Northern Edge
    of Georges Bank.

    While data from these pop up buoys are not ‘real' time at this point,
    the buoys will yield valuable information on whale vocalizations by
    species, vessel traffic, and a refinement of the periods right whales
    move in and out of various areas.

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