right whale alert-Boston TSS (fwd)

From: Mike Williamson (williams@whale.wheelock.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 17:52:25 EDT

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    NOAA Fisheries is alerting you to the presence of foraging (searching &
    feeding) aggregations of endangered North Atlantic right whales and sei
    whales that are currently in and around coastal Massachusetts waters.
    This year an abundance of copepods (desired food for both whale species)
    has attracted right and sei whales to Massachusetts Bay, especially in
    the vicinity of the BE buoy in the Boston Traffic Separation Scheme
    (TSS). Subsurface feeding behavior coupled with increased vessel traffic
    from seasonal ferries, whale watch vessels, and recreational boaters
    presents the potential for collisions between vessels and whales.

    Mariners are reminded that right whales are particularly susceptible to
    ship strikes, difficult to detect while subsurface feeding, and often
    oblivious to vessel activity around them. NOAA Fisheries encourages
    mariners to keep a sharp lookout for these animals.

    Pat Gerrior

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