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QLD: Abandoned dugong aiding valuable research

   By Chris Herde of AAP
   GOLD COAST, Qld, Jan 31 AAP - A baby dugong being reared at Sea
World could be vital to the long-term protection of the endangered
species, Sea World Marine Sciences Manager Trevor Long said today.
   Mr Long said there was little known about the species and the
one-month-old male dugong, flown to Sea World early last month
after it was found near Bundaberg, was providing a great deal of
   "We have had a tremendous amount of interest from the scientific
community and zoological community," Mr Long said.
   "We are in contact with the experts right around the world."
   Mr Long said the baby dugong was well, although there were "many
hurdles" to cover.
   "No-one has a (feeding) formula. We are designing a formula as
we go. We are changing it as we go," he said.
   "These animals suckle for 12 to 18 months ... so we have a long,
long way to go."
   Mr Long said netting and boat strikes of dugongs were reducing
numbers and he expected more young to be found abandoned.
   "The animal is an endangered species," Mr Long said.
   "This is the second we have had in the last couple of years and
I think we're probably going to see a re-occurance of this
situation, so any information that we can gain, we can pass on."