Subject: Right whale sighting in the Mediterranean Sea (fwd)

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Subject: Right whale sighting in the Mediterranean Sea (fwd)

The following was also published in the Marine Mammal Society
Newsletter, Winter 1996  (Vol 4, No 4)

From: Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara <>

In May 1991 Fiorenzo Mogno, a petty officer of the Italian Navy and a
diver, happened to be in the water with his camera about 13 km off the
small island of Sant=92Antioco (southwestern Sardinia), when a large,
light-gray coloured whale happened to swim by, almost at touching
distance.  It was only very recently that his two successive photographs
came to our attention. They unmistakably depict a right whale.  Given the
rarity of northern right whales in the North Atlantic, and the near
extinction of a former eastern North Atlantic population, this is a very
surprising sighting, and the first in the XX Century.  Earlier known
occurrences of right whales in the Mediterranean include the stranding of
a juvenile near Taranto (southeastern Italy) in 1877 and the sighting of
two (one of which was later captured) in the bay of Castiglione (Algiers)
in 1888.=20

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