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Subject: Re: Harp Seal Questions

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> From the content of your questions, I wasn't certain...are
> you aware that it is illegal to kill white-coat pups?  Only
> weanlings and older animals are allowed to be harvested.
> Most of the animals taken, to my understanding, are adults.
> Canada continues to ban the killing of white-coats.

I am aware that white-coat pups are illegal to kill.  My reference to
"pups" was in reference to those seals just after white-coat status,
e.g. beaters or just weaned. (Not sure I am altogether comfortable with
typical sealer jargon for age groups).  From what I understand, most
animals taken are not all that old (e.g. full adult) when killed.

As reference for the Humane Society, if you are not aware of it, 101
sealers including the former president of the Canadian Sealers
Association, were charged with the illegal killing of hooded and harp
seals in the last harvest.  The official quota on hooded seals was
8000, but around 22,800 blueback hooded pelts were confiscated.  In
addition, 2200 white-coat pelts were seized.  (I called the DFO
Enforcement Office and this is about the only information you can
receive as many of those charged have not gone to court yet).

Sam McClintock